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Aomori Flavors Cooking Class
by Nagisa Café

Planning to visit Japan for a trip?
Getting excited to think about all the Japanese food
you are gonna try while in Japan?
But if you are a bold and curious person who wants to know more about Japan,
especially about how ordinally people eat and live, step out of your comfort zone with sushi and ramen and come experience Aomori Flavors Cooking Class by Nagisa Café.

Aomori Flavors is a cooking class especially designed for foreigners living and visiting Japan who want to learn about cooking Japanese dishes with fresh ingredients that are grown locally.

Exclusive Local Flavors from Aomori

  • Nagaimo
    (Chinese Yam)

  • Squid

  • Mackerel

  • Apple

  • Black Currant

  • Garlic

  • Rice

  • Shijimi Clams

Aomori is a treasure box of fresh and tasty local products
including vegetables, fruits, rice and seafood.

They are very much loved and trusted by Aomori locals because not only they taste good
but they are also packed with tons of excellent nutrients great for our bodies.
Here are some of the Aomori products that we are best known for,
and also some examples of health benefits they offer.

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Aomori Flavors by Nagisa Café welcomes both individual tourists and group tourists from all over the world.

Regular Lesson

Come enjoy the cooking lesson in an intimate atmosphere. Min 2 - Max 8 students.

Group Lesson

We can accommodate a lesson for any kinds of groups (Max 100!) including those joining a business conference, or students visiting the area for study.


With Japanese dishes, there are variety of ways to replace meat and/or fish with vegetables and soy products.

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About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting our site.
I am Naoko Nagisa.I am the owner of “Nagisa Café” in Hachinohe City, Aomori.
I call myself a “Food Navigator” and I teach more than 1,000 students per year in cooking classes across the prefecture.
My strong passion lays on connecting food and people in community, and one of my missions is to spread more Aomori products and dishes to the outside world!

So if you have a chance to visit Aomori, or if you are deciding where to visit in Japan, please come check out “Aomori Flavors Cooking Lesson by Nagisa Café” to enjoy a cooking experience with the fresh Aomori products!

My English skill is only limited. However, please do not worry because there will be a skilled Japanese-English interpreter helping me in a lesson. Hope to see you soon!

Naoko Nagisa

In 2013, I published a cookbook called “Kitchen de Asobo!”
(Let’s Play in the Kitchen!), which provides simple and delicious recipes that children can cook. This book was the second winner of the “Gourmand World Cookbook Awards: Best Chefs and Authors-Woman Chef” category in 2014. This is a notable award considered to be the “Academy Awards” for cookbooks.

I am much honored to win such a respectable award!!


Feel free to contact us in English if you have any questions regarding the lesson.
We guarantee that our cooking lesson will be a memorable experience in Japan
and we hope to see you in Aomori!

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